logo #CWCGhana 21–22 November 2018

About CWC

The CWC Group is a recognised world expert in the LNG, oil and gas, power and investment sectors, with particular expertise in emerging markets. We have a wealth of knowledge offering top-level strategic events around the world. We work closely with many governments, NOCs and international corporations to highlight the key issues and challenges facing the global energy industry and facilitate debate to find solutions.

CWC’s Proven Track Record

CWC has developed over 250 events, 1050 speakers, 800 sponsors.  As well as providing insight into the industry, our events:

  • Are developed by experts in the industry for the industry
  • Are attended by Government Ministers and leading global business heads from right across the LNG chain
  • Provide world-class networking opportunities for the people that matter and whose opinions count
  • Create opportunities for you to widen your contacts, showcase your products and services, share experiences and facilitate further business development

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